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The Radiant Lamp


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Since it was published in 2017, The Radiant Lamp is being taught to high schoolers in several Islamic schools, including in the Garland, Texas-based The Brighter Horizons. This year, the author has added two new chapters. Here is why.

Some of our young today question the existence of Allaah and look at the preponderance of evil as proof that Allaah does not exist. They argue that if there was a merciful God, evil would not have thrived. The two new chapters, Does Allaah Exist? And Why Allaah Allows Evil, provide an Islamic answer to these complex questions. To read the new chapters, click on this link: The Radiant Lamp – Two New Chapters

A Workbook for The Radiant Lamp is also in the making. This companion Workbook should provide the much-needed relief to the teachers, who can now both teach and test with ease, inshaAllaah

The Radiant Lamp seeks to reconnect the youth with the Prophet’s Seerah (S) in the age of heightened Islamophobia and mounting challenges to faith and spirituality. This book presents the Prophet’s Seerah and Islam not only as ancient history but also as timeless guidance for humanity.

The Radiant Lamp is a much-needed textbook for Islamic full-time or weekend schools. It is unique. It is engaging. It invites critical thinking.

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